4 Graphic Design Trends Set to Shape 2023

As a creative marketing agency, Avenir Bold (AB, if you’re cool) strives to stay ahead of the curve, especially where graphic design is concerned. It’s why after reading about the top design trends poised to define 2023, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that we’ve dabbled in four of the hottest trends in our creative work.


Motion Graphics


They’re literally everywhere these days from social media feeds to streaming TV screens to UX designs. According to JustTM Creative, the disruptive influence of TikTok is largely driving the adoption of this interactive trend. Through movement, top brands are building and will continue to build their identities in 2023.


For clients like the Wake County Public School System, AB has successfully employed motion graphics to increase engagement and enhance brand recall for critical needs like bus driver recruitment.

Bold Abstract Shapes


It’s a trend that’s making a big comeback. Abstract shapes (mostly geometric) add interest to brand content with little in the way to distract from it. In 2023, expect more of this trend, only with softer rounded curves and forms instead of sharp angles and rigid edges. Moreover, abstract shapes will also flaunt a wide range of color palettes from muted and nuanced to punchy and vibrant.


This past year, AB went “geometric” when designing the brand mark, identity and website for The AIME Center and we expect even more abstract shapes to make an appearance in a bold future.


AI-Generated Art


Like many others, we were intrigued and spent countless, non-billable hours playing around with OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 and DeepAI. There’s no denying the impact that AI-generated art has had on the design world, and it’s expected to be more widely felt in 2023, sparking imaginative creative work from web graphics to memes.


Faced with a highly productive year-end, AB turned to AI-generated visuals to create our agency holiday card. The results were totally unexpected and absolutely hilarious.

Inclusive Visuals


Representation matters to audiences that brands strive to reach and win over. Many are adopting inclusive design practices so all walks of life can see themselves and be seen by others. In 2023, expect graphic design to evolve even further when it comes to inclusivity. From highlighting gender diversity and bringing indigenous representation to the forefront to ensuring that design is accessible to a broader range of abilities.

Brands partnering with AB have clearly communicated that inclusivity is important to them and we’ve heard them. Whether it’s reflecting and growing the diverse listening audience of WUNC North Carolina Radio or communicating the inclusive care and compassion provided by UNC Health.

These four trends are truly just the beginning. Like many other cutting-edge agencies, we plan to explore opportunities to include things like 3D elements, surrealist maximalism, colorful retro illustrations and virtual reality whenever they make the most sense for the brands we serve.

Here’s to a highly creative and productive new year!